frequently asked questions


Please come to class on time (5-10 minutes before the starting time). New students must arrive at least 15 minutes early for their first class.
What should I bring?

To each yoga class, bring with you a yoga mat, an open mind, and a reusable water bottle. There is a kitchen available to refill your water bottle but we do not sell plastic water bottles in an effort to reduce waste. Mats are available to borrow, but we encourage personal mat usage as this is the most hygienic practice. All other yoga props needed for class are provided.

What should I wear?

We prefer that students wear footless tights and a t-shirt, footless tights and an athletic top, or shorts and a t-shirt. Many students wear an outer layer like a long-sleeve t-shirt and socks for the first and last few minutes of class to keep warm and comfortable. Come prepared to practice with bare feet. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothing!

Changing & Personal items
Is there a place to change my clothes? Can I store my stuff?

Washrooms are available for changing. There are no lockable units available. Please keep Valuables at home. There is a rack for coats and bags, please leave your footwear here as well. Less is best!

What’s the best way to start yoga?

We recommend a gentle/beginners class for students who have never done yoga. This class will provide a solid foundation for the breath exercises and the asanas and prepare you for all other classes. Check out our class schedule to find out how to register. If you are returning to yoga, or interested in honing your yoga basics, a continuing class is the place for you.

What is OM?

OM is the “sacred syllable” of Sanskrit, the ancient language of Northern India, home to the practice of yoga. It represents the four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and pure consciousness.

Injury recovery
I’m recovering from an injury. Will yoga help?

Yoga is a restorative practice and can often help the body to recover. Be sure to tell your teacher at the start of class about your injury and she/he can be sure that you get the most benefit for your recovery. An injury can be a great learning experience. Make sure to take responsibility for your body and listen when it asks you to take a break or stop.

I’m pregnant. Should I stop my yoga practice?

No, but you’ll want to adapt it. If you are pregnant and plan to take “regular” classes, please notify your teacher and listen to your body. Avoid poses on your belly and flat on your back. Modify twists to be open, not closed. Backbends should be gentle, not deep. Relaxation pose should be modified to avoid lying fully supine (both hips and shoulders on the floor) for an extended period of time. We do not recommend hot yoga during pregnancy.

Rules and etiquette

“Namaste” literally means: the divine in me bows to the divine in you. Every moment we are together-from the street outside, to class, to back outside again-we have the opportunity to respect and appreciate one another. Here are some wise and gracious yogi and yogini etiquette guidelines:
Signing In
  • Please visit the sign-in desk before class.
Respect for the Studios
    • Turn off all cell phones and pagers (or just leave them at home!)
    • Remove shoes before entering the practice space.
    • Roll mats out quietly.
Class Etiquette
    • Please arrive at least five minutes before class begins.
    • If you are taking class from a teacher who is new to you, arrive early to inform them of any injuries or conditions.
    • When you’re waiting outside, please be quiet as there may be a class in progress. Yes, they can hear you!
    • If you are late for unavoidable reasons, please join class quietly. In order to avoid injury, if you arrive later than 15 minutes after the start of class, you will not be able to attend (This does not apply to Moms & Tots Yoga classes).
    • Move your mat to make space in crowded classes.
    • Please observe basic hygiene when attending yoga class.
    • Refrain from perfumes and oils as many people are allergic.
    • Consider bringing your own yoga mat; it is more hygienic.
    • Spray and wipe borrowed mats after use.
    • Stack props neatly.
    • Reduce skin-to-skin contact with our props by wearing a shirt. This also makes it easier for teachers to make adjustments.
    • If you tend to sweat, bring a towel to class.