Be kind and unwind

Do you remember bringing back your movie rentals? There was always this very considerate sign that said, “be kind and rewind”. I think we need this reminder in our daily lives…”be kind and unwind”. Here are some easy steps to help you unwind when you feel bogged down, or it’s just a crazy day. These are my top 10 ways to de-­‐ stress…

#1 Time out

( it always works for kids) take 5-­‐10 mins for deep breathing ” time for yourself”

#2 Get outside

get some fresh air. Take a quick walk, or put your yoga mat on the patio or under a tree and do some light stretches…just breathe!

#3 Meditate

Sit on a park bench or on the grass and meditate. Or..just do 10 mins of deep breathing.

#4 Laugh

Laugh-­‐laugh–laugh until your belly hurts. This may take the help of a funny friend, movie or comedy channel.

#5 Smell

homemade bread, fresh basil, lavender, lemon, babies, puppies…whatever stimulates your sense of smell. Aromatherapy works!

#6 Walk a dog

Walk your own or borrow neighbour’s dogs

#7 Spend some time with a cat

Pets instantly lower stress and blood pressure (the SPCA have hundreds)

#8 Squeeze your muscles

Squeeze all the muscles in your face and body for 15 seconds, then release. Don’t forget to breath!

#9 Give thanks!

Always try to look for the positive in life. Thank the mailman! Thank the worker at your corner store. Tell them they’re doing a great job! It could make the difference in someone’s day. And when you go to bed at night, take a moment to think of 3 good things that happened to you that day. Give thanks!

#10. Just Breathe!


… and unwind!