Stress awareness month

April is stress awareness month!!

We all have stress in our lives, some more than others. There’s family stress, business stress, the stress of day to day living…..It’ s as normal as breathing!! How we handle that stress makes us unique. My number one comment when someone does a yoga class for the first time? “I didn’t realize I was so stressed! ” It’s just so important to learn how to properly handle your stress.

Yoga with soothing scents is  the number one way to deal with stress in my  opinion:) If you find that you can’t do yoga…..There are other ways to de-­‐stress your life, and its important to find what works for you. We have a new calming scent mister in our studio. I’ve read that scent soothes your soul. Roses, lavender, basil, orange, lemon and mango are all scents that have been proven to de-­‐stress you. My mother would always say, “take time to smell the roses” turns out she was right ! All these flowers, plants and fruit contain a special compound called Linalool, the smell of which apparently reduces anxiety, and helps induce calm……turns out these smells work wonders on our mind and body. Taking a magnesium supplement helps as well. Check with your health care provider or pharmacist before you mix supplements with any medications you may be taking:)

Be aware of your stress, be aware of what causes your stress. Now do something about it! Some people may need help from their doctor. Others may find that just getting outside to walk helps. Don’t forget to breathe and smell the roses:) and find a yoga class in your area.

Namaste Tina