Routines & Change

Sometimes in life you just need a little change in routine. I woke up this morning to the usual stack of dishes, pile of laundry, and three hungry mouths. I made short work of the dishes while feeding the kids, threw in the clothes, and went outside to water the vegetable garden. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and I was just thinking, my god what a beautiful day, when the house door bangs open and 2 of the kids come out to find me because they’re fighting over a $2 toy that nobody has played with in months. This is fairly common when they’re tired. They may have beenkids up a little late last night, and the word “sleep in” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. It still looked beautiful outside but the day seemed to add on a whole new host of problems. I needed a change. The kids needed a change. Change is
good right? My mom always says that sometimes a change is as good as a rest. She’s usually right! I went inside, packed up some clothes and a bit of food and gave the kids 5 minutes notice to meet me in the car (it takes them much longer than this to accept that I am serious about this plan, but I’m totally relaxed with that. They come out and are still in a rut as they slump in their seats. This might be more of a challenge than an adventure today. My enthusiasm doesn’t waiver. I start driving without telling them where we are going, they’re still not impressed…but as the minutes tick by they start laughing and singing radio songs with made up lyrics. We arrive at my favorite beach and they all run out of the car and change into swim suits. This is what they were missing … Change, adventure, excitement, something new. It’s funny you know, I try to teach a different yoga class every week with something new and exciting – not only for the people that come to class, but for me too! I don’t like to be bored – or boring! I like the challenge of pulling off a new series of stretches without screwing up… I think I would sweat through it even in a cool room…. Ok now that you all think I’m crazy, I’ll continue on with my story. The pinfish roll out of the car and race to the beach. Run, splash, swim, and belly surf ocean waves for 3 straight hours (they would have stayed longer but I ran out of food!). What did I do? I sat on the beach, I traced shapes in the sand, I watched the kids laugh as they entertained themselves without an iPad or some $2 toy. They come back to me happy, energized, smiling. Then my moms words echo though, “sometimes a change is as good as a rest”. Try it tomorrow, or the next day or whenever you can. Walk somewhere instead of driving, go to gentle yoga instead of hot, go on a short adventure instead of your regular evening routine. Who knows what relief and peace you will feel just by making a simple switch for a day. The kids haven’t had an argument since this morning, everybody is breathing gently as they carry on with their evening. And me? Well I was inspired to write this, and also to come up with a new flow sequence to rock your socks off ;).

See you on the mat,

Kastine x