Our New Location!

Moving day was coming to an end as Kastine and I unloaded the last of our belongings and carried them into our new yoga studio in the former Corner Brook city hall. We stood quietly in the new space and it was very clear we both were delighted with our new home. In the center of the room I enjoyed a moment of stillness while Kastine looked out one of the many windows welcoming the warmth of the sun’s rays as some small reward for the day’s efforts.

I could not immediately say what made this new space feel so special, but it is indeed special. The building has wonderful character, good bones, sturdiness and gorgeous natural light, yet there was something else that evoked a deep feeling of belonging. Outside, I walked the property and it struck me just how magnificent a piece of property this building calls home. This old city hall, the new home for our studio not only has history, it has deep roots. It represents our city’s beginnings, opened on January 1st, 1956 when the four adjacent towns of Corner Brook East, Townsite, Corner Brook West and Curling amalgamated to form the City of Corner Brook. The building is symbolic of unity, a welcoming public place.



On that rare spring like day in February, I realized that I love our new space for its welcoming location, for the Corner Brook stream that flows past our doors, the inviting walking trail and above all I love this space for its deep history. Yoga studios should be welcoming and soothing. They should feel like a safe place for you to turn inward and express yourself, free of competition or judgement. Our new studio will offer you that and much more.

While Kastine and I prepare the studio for opening, we invite you all to enjoy this week off and do take in the many events of the Special Olympics. This is the first time the Special Olympics Canada Games have been held in this province and should be a wonderful week.

Namaste, Tina