Tina Coleman

Cold and flu Season

If you’re feeling miserable with a temp the best place for you is home in bed drinking lots of fluids , and chicken soup .
If you’re like the rest of us you’re trying to avoid the cold and flu season. Everywhere you go someone is sneezing. Yikes. !!!

Here’s our 8 steps to keep your immune system healthy and strong.


#1 Wash , wash , wash your hands, and keep them away from your face. Use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash with regular soap ( not antibacterial)

#2 Flu shots work and help to boost your immune system

#3 Get your sleep. Mom was right. At least 7-8 hours a night

#4 Low stress. Difficult I know but at least breath deeply every chance you get.

#5 Zinc …. helps boost your immunity and fights cold and flu. High zinc foods are oysters, lobster, beef, beans, seeds, nuts and eggs. Or grab a zinc lozenges with vitamin C

#6 Pro-biotics. Not just good for your belly These healthy bugs help fight off bad bacteria. Good sources are Greek yogurt and kefir. There’s also pill form. Make sure they stay refrigerated.

#7 Elderberry is believed to help boost your immune system and decrease the duration of cold and flu. You can find it in tea and lozenges.

#8 Manuka Honey. It comes from New Zealand. It’s antibacterial and anti microbial. It’s been used for thousands of years topically to keep cuts clean. As well, I use it in my oatmeal , smoothies ,tea , yogurt. One half to one teaspoon a day is good . Wedderspoon is a great brand. It is expensive but worth it. Never expires.


Stay healthy, stay well , do yoga and remember to breath deeply.