Tina Coleman

30 day calendar of kindness

Christmas is one month away and that is usually demanding of everyone’s time, even for the most organized types. However I want to invite you to join me as I embark on a 30 Day Kindness Challenge meaning “doing one small random act of kindness everyday.”

I want to stay present and focused on what the holiday spirit means to me . The season to me is about joy of family and community, faith and generosity of spirit. It is about kindness to all especially those in need.

Performing acts of kindness can lead us to feel increased happiness in our lives, yield more joy in our lives as we shift our focus from ourselves to those we are helping.

So on this sunny, and sometime snowy weekend as I set my own intentions for this Christmas season I want to warmly invite you focus on what the spirit of the season means to you and encourage you to join me for 30 days of kindness. Encourage your loved ones, especially your children, to join you or have their own 30 day Calendar of Kindness.
Keep us posted if you wish. Share with us your ideas, your kids ideas . But above all, extend the light of your beautiful kindness each and every day.


Tina & Kastine